As the first institute in Slovakia to focus on internet and society, UMB DSL strives to create an innovative environment for tackling the digital&society challenges of today and tomorrow.

At our Lab we belive in: multidisciplinarity, openness, integrity, and innovation.

Digital Social Influence

How is computational propaganda shaping the world around us? Who are the influencers in today’s digital world? What is psychometric targeting? These are only some of the question we try to answer, on our mission of studying the mechanics of social influence in the 21. century.

Digital Security Threats

What is Bot detection? How is Darknet influencing the global drug market? We are taking on some of the challenging security questions of today’s world.


Is A.I. ethical? What is predictive analytics? Big Data and A.I. meets Big Brother, what are the consequences? Researching the questions of the cognitive era of today and tomorrow.


We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for working critically—and with curiosity and integrity.

assoc. professor Karol Fabián

Principal Investigator and Co-founder

Jozef Michal Mintal

Research Fellow and Co-founder

Róbert Vancel

Research Fellow

assoc. professor Jaroslav Ušiak

Associate Reserach Fellow

Peter Džadoň

MA Student

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Strategické riadenie oblastí kybernetickej bezpečnosti

Summer Semester


Média, kritické myslenie a dezinformácie v 21. storočí

Winter Semester

Ochrana Informácií

Winter Semester


Úvod do Štúdia

Winter Semester


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September 2018