UMB DSL joins up with AHI –The Alliance for Healthy Infosphere

UMB DSL is delighted to be joining the Alliance for Healthy Infosphere (AHI) as a new member organization.

AHI was founded by GLOBSEC, and is made up of the Digital Infospace Security Initiative, (Slovakia), (Slovakia), Nelež (Czechia ), Political Capital Institute (Hungary), Prague Security Studies Institute (Czechia) and Semantic Visions (Czechia).

The Alliance’s main aims are:

  • to contribute to a secure and just digital information space for all users;
  • advocate for stronger regulation of digital platforms to protect users from harmful content and secure implementation of the measures in all user markets equally;
  • strengthen the voice of actors from smaller markets with unique languages which suffer from marginalization and the lack of measures implemented in their countries.


For more information on AHI, visit: