FAKESPOTTING – New research project on developing digital information literacy

FAKESPOTTING is an EU funded project within the ERASMUS K2 program. The project  focuses on the development of digital information literacy via a set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery and assessment of information, the understanding of information, and the critical evaluation of sources.

The consortium is composed by 5 universities and 4 NGOs, led by the Università di Bologna. The project will realise the following outputs: a) web based learning on information, media literacy and fact- checking; b) toolkit on fact-checking methodologies related to labour market needs and methods to include digital skills in academic programmes; c) guideline on Media and Information Literacy and national online disinformation case-studies; d) digital assessment tool fostering tracking methodologies of students’ skills improvements in HEIs.

UMB DSL is in the FAKESPOTTING project represented by DSL Research Fellow and Associate proffers of Security Studies Dr. Jaroslav Ušiak, who is one of the co-coordinators of the project. Other UMB DSL Fellows taking part in the project are Dr. Jozef Michal Mintal and Dr. Róbert Vancel.