Founded in 2018, UMB Data&Society Lab is a multidisciplinary research lab at Matej Bel University, engaged in research and education on the interaction of digital technologies with society.

We are a proud member of the Global Network of Internet & Society Research Centers – a group of academic institutions with a focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications, and legal issues concerning the Internet

Digital Social Influence

How is computational propaganda shaping the world around us? Who are the influencers in today’s digital world? What is psychometric targeting? These are only some of the question we try to answer, on our mission of studying the mechanics of social influence in the 21. century.

Digital Security Threats

What is Bot detection? How is Darknet influencing the global drug market? We are taking on some of the challenging security questions of today’s world.


Is A.I. ethical? What is predictive analytics? Big Data and A.I. meets Big Brother, what are the consequences? Researching the questions of the cognitive era of today and tomorrow.

Partners & Supporters

The UMB Data&Society Lab was founded in 2018, through a merger of two independently funded projects by IBM and the Scientific Grant Agency VEGA. Since then the lab has established various partnerships with government, business, and civil society. A big thank you goes to all our partners & supporters!


Agne Sileikaite and Filip Struharik join UMB DSL Advisory Board

We are thrilled to welcome Agne Sileikaite and Filip Struhárik as a new members of our International Advisory…

William Carbone joins UMB DSL Advisory Board

We are thrilled to welcome William Carbone as a new member of our International Advisory Board. William is…

New Website!

It’s here! We’ve redesigned our website with you in mind. The UMB Data&Society Lab is proud to launch…