Founded in 2018, UMB Data & Society Lab (UMB DSL) is a multidisciplinary center within Matej Bel University’s Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, dedicated to research, education and policy work on the intersection of technology and society.

We are a proud member of the Global Network of Internet & Society Research Centers – a group of academic institutions with a focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications, and legal issues concerning the Internet

Digital Media and Society

Examining the digital infrastructure of digital platforms, their influence on social movements and policy around the globe and the shared principles, norms and decision making procedures that shape the use of these platforms worldwide. 

Cybersecurity and Society

Cyber threats are a global risk that government, the private sector, non-governmental organisations – and the global community as a whole – must deal with. In our work we examine the consequences of cyber technology for political and social affairs. 

Partners & Supporters

The UMB Data&Society Lab was founded in 2018, thanks to financial support from IBM. Since then the lab has established various partnerships with government, business, and civil society. A big thank you goes to all our partners & supporters!


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New research presented at MISDOOM 2021

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New research presented at ICOMTA 2021

On September 1st our Co-Director Dr. Mintal presented a paper titled “Examining the tech stacks of Czech and…

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